Learn everything you need to know to be prepared for your new role as a mom! I share everything from optimizing health, what to expect, things I wish I knew sooner, birth, postpartum, baby and mom essentials + much more!

This is a 65+ page ebook that will walk you through each stage from pre-pregnancy to postpartum with your little one. I share baby must haves, monthly milestones and all my baby favorites organized in itemized lists with direct links! I also share the people, books, and any resources that I have found that truly empower me on this journey!

Because let's be real, you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed on where to start and want to be as prepared as much as possible!

This is for you if you want to: 
• Learn how to prep for pregnancy
• Know what to expect in all stages of this journey
• Learn about supplements, foods and more to optimize health
• See a glimpse into my personal journey
• Be able to easily build your registry
• Have additional resources to learn from 

This ebook includes: 
1. Prepping for pregnancy
2. Positive pregnancy test
3. Supplements and more
4. Each trimester in detail
5. Baby registry guide
6. Things I wish I knew sooner
7. My birth story
8. Birth resources
9. Hospital bag essentials
10. Postpartum
11. Baby milestones
12. Pregnancy #2
13. Baby registry list
14. Hospital bag prep
15. Makenzie’s everyday favorites
16. Social links